First Baptist Church of Jacksonville NCLiving by Example

Serve (about & top 10)

SERVETEAMS are our volunteers here at FBCJax. There is a lot of work that goes into what we do, especially with two locations.  There are no coffee fairies or musical holograms that make the weekend possible.  The hard work and dedication of our volunteers are what pulls each week together, and we would love for you to be a part of that and find a SERVETEAM!

  • GREETING - creates friendly and energetic environment for those entering the building and waiting to enter worship experiences; often connects guests with various environments throughout campus  JOIN THE TEAM

  • TRAFFIC - creates a friendly and fun first impression by assisting in traffic flow in the parking lot and engaging those entering the building  JOIN THE TEAM

  • USHERS - welcomes guests into the worship experience, and assists guests with finding seats   JOIN THE TEAM

  • SET UP/TEAR DOWN (Northside Campus) - set up and tear down of equipment for all environments. (worship experience, FirstKids, etc.)   JOIN THE TEAM

  • CONNECTIONS KIOSK - answers questions for visitors and interested individuals   JOIN THE TEAM

  • RESOURCE - assists in sales of books, t-shirts, etc.  JOIN THE TEAM

  • FIRSTKIDS - AMP'd & AMP'd jr. childrens worship, LifeGroups, and KidsCare  JOIN THE TEAM

  • AUDIO/VISUAL TECH - assists with the video, lighting, visuals, and sound in our worship experiences  JOIN THE TEAM

  • WORSHIP ARTS - participates in praise team, choir, and instrumentalists  JOIN THE TEAM

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